Car Exterior Cleaning Brushes


Meguiar's X1902EU Supreme Microfibre Wheel Brush, Medium, Completely Safe Wheel Cleaning, Black

Soft, thick and perfect size for cleaning wheels.
The Meguiar's X1902EU Supreme Microfibre Wheel Brush is a must-have tool for any car enthusiast. The soft and thick microfiber head ensures a thorough and gentle clean for all types of rims, without the risk of scratches. Its medium size makes it easy to maneuver and clean hard-to-reach areas, ensuring your wheels look spick and span. The absence of wire or metal parts eliminates the risk of damage to your rims, giving you peace of mind during the cleaning process. However, some users may find the brush a bit too soft, particularly for heavy-duty winter cleaning. Nonetheless, its performance and quality make it a great addition to any car cleaning arsenal.

  1. COMPLETELY SAFE: Safe wheel cleaning on all wheel finishes including alloys, painted and chrome; no metal parts
  2. MICROFIBRE HEAD: Thick microfibre pile; cleans gently and effectively
  3. MEDIUM SIZE: 37cm x 8cm. Large Wheel Brush sold separately: 47cm x 10cm
  4. SOLID SHAFT: Premium solid shaft for improved durability
  5. FOR THE BEST RESULTS: Use with Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

This brush is so soft, it’s like giving your wheels a luxurious spa treatment. If only they served tiny cappuccinos while it worked.


Atlasta (AT101) Parts Cleaning Brush (9.75 Inches, 4.3 Ounces) for Cleaning Auto Engine Parts, Small Motors, Car Detailing, Boats, Household Grime

A Sturdy and Versatile Cleaning Solution
The Atlasta (AT101) Parts Cleaning Brush is a must-have tool for anyone dealing with stubborn grime and gunk on auto engine parts, small motors, car detailing, boats, or household surfaces. This brush is a beast when it comes to tackling tough dirt and grease. Its sturdy construction and solvent-resistant design ensure that it can handle demanding cleaning tasks without wearing out. The tapered bristle tips and the perfect stiffness make it efficient at reaching tight spots and scrubbing away even the most stubborn dirt. While some may find the bristles quite stiff, this quality actually makes it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.

  1. Ideal for greasy, grime-encrusted auto parts. Also for cleaning dirty, tight places in the house.
  2. Innovative, bullet-shaped tip focuses the cleaning power for easy cleanup. Won't mushroom.
  3. Long-lasting Trialoy polyester filament can be used with petroleum or water-based degreasers.
  4. This is a professional tool, made by the company that invented the modern parts cleaning brush.
  5. Assembled in the USA. Only the filament is imported.

I once heard a rumor that this brush was actually responsible for the shine on some classic cars. Must be why they call it a 'detailing brush'!


Sonax 04917000 Intensive Cleaning Brush

Intensive Cleaning Power in a Compact Brush
The Sonax 04917000 Intensive Cleaning Brush is a remarkable tool for tackling tough cleaning jobs. Whether it's scrubbing down your ATV after a muddy ride or giving your car's upholstery a deep clean, this brush delivers excellent results. The sturdy bristles are incredibly effective without being too harsh, making it perfect for intensive cleaning tasks. The comfortable handle ensures a good grip and makes the cleaning process much easier. However, due to its square shape, it may not reach into tight spaces as easily as a more flexible brush. Overall, this durable and efficient cleaning brush is an essential addition to any cleaning arsenal, offering impressive performance and reliability for various cleaning tasks.

  1. For optimum maintenance, protection and rejuvenation
  2. Environmentally pro-active and innovative products
  3. World recognized brand
  4. Package Dimensions: 25.0 L x 6.4 H x 11.4 W (centimeters)

Cleaning with this brush is so effective, it's almost relaxing... almost. Just don't fall into a cleaning trance!


Mr. Longarm Very Soft Flow-Thru for RV, Boat & Auto Gel Coat & Fine Surface Cleaning Brush -404 , Green

Soft, versatile, and efficient cleaning brush
The Mr. Longarm Very Soft Flow-Thru Cleaning Brush has proven to be an invaluable tool for various cleaning tasks. Its soft bristles make it gentle on delicate surfaces such as gel coat, fine automotive finishes, and solar panels. The flow-thru feature, though not utilized by all, ensures a consistent water supply for thorough cleaning. Its compatibility with the Mr. Longarm extension pole adds to its versatility, making it suitable for reaching high places with ease. Some users have noted that the bristles might be a tad too soft for tough car washing jobs, but it still performs admirably in most scenarios. Additionally, its durability ensures that it holds up even after rigorous use, be it on RVs, boats, or gutter covers. Overall, it's a reliable, efficient, and high-quality cleaning brush that's well worth the investment.

  1. 10-inch non-restrictive,VERY SOFT flow-thru brush fits all Mr. LongArm extension poles* and most other poles equipped with a Universal 3/4" diameter threaded end
  2. Brush fibers are Very Soft for cleaning Gel Coat and other fine surfaces (RV's, Boats)
  3. Chemical resistant materials work well with most common cleaning agents and plastic blocks are durable and lightweight
  4. Full rubber bumper prevents scratching and includes a hang hole for use with pegboard or to hang for drying
  5. *Not intended to be used with ProCurve professional window cleaning poles

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but with this brush, it's even closer!


62'' Microfiber Car Wash Brush Mop Kit Sponge with Long Handle, Chenille Car Cleaning Brush Supplies Car Windshield Cleaner Pads for Car Rv SUV Truck Boat Bus Scratch-Free

Easier Car Washing Experience
This 62'' Microfiber Car Wash Brush Mop Kit is a real game...oops, I mean, a fantastic addition to anyone's car cleaning toolkit. The long handle allows you to easily reach all parts of your car, including the roof and windows, without having to stretch or strain. The chenille brush attachments are soft and gentle on your car's surface, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning experience. The multiple covers make it easy to wash and dry your car, leaving it streak-free and shiny. It's also great for cleaning car windows, getting into all the corners and sides with ease. The versatility and effectiveness of this kit make car washing a breeze, saving you time and effort. However, the handle could be sturdier, but it still gets the job done without any issues.

  1. Soft and Thick Microfiber
  2. 62’’ Car Wash Brush with Fantastic Length: Car wash mop has 4 aluminum poles and you will amazingly assembled them into 18.5’’,23.2’’,46.5’’and 62’’by using 2,3 and 4 poles. Different length can help you wash everything easily and effortlessly. Choose FIDISP you can get aluminium poles x4, replaceable microfiber mitts x2, Windshield Cleaner Pads x2.
  3. No Rust Car Cleaning Kit of Premium Material: The car wash mop with long handle is made of high quality aluminum alloy that is hard, firm and difficult to rust, there are no bending or breaking rods occur even through thousands of times. Microfiber mitt is absorbent, easy to foam, can be throw into machine.
  4. 2 Car Wash Mop Pads for Windows: The microfiber car wash cleaner pads fitted with poles is great for car window, glass, door, mirror at home. Soft and absorbent microfiber brush mop pads remove water easily definitely no streaks and no scratches. Easily dry the water on the high side of the car, truck, Rv, bus.
  5. Scratch-Free Car Wash Mitt: Our car wash cleaning kit with long handle can be varied in length at will, from 18.5 to 62 inches. Soft car wash sponge of strong absorbent works in a way that it collects the particles of grime and dirt by trapping them into the washing mitt fibers without leaving any scratches, lints or swirl to achieve impressive results
  6. Wide Applications: The car wash mop kit is perfect helper for washing, drying, waxing, dusting and polishing your vehicles or household. Not only can you wash a car,truck,suv, motorcycle, rv, but it’s awesome for windows, dusting, ceiling fans, sheds, kids slides outdoor structures and your home accessories! Use it on any surface! Free size fits for everyone. Perfect interior windshield cleaning tool. Makes cleaning easier, faster and more practical.

Using this car wash mop makes me feel like a professional car detailer...without the professional skills or the detailing expertise! But hey, at least my car looks great!


72" Car Wash Brush with Long Handle | Flow-Thru Car Washing Brush with Hose Attachment | 12-Inch Soft Bristle Brush Cleaning House Siding, Car, Truck, SUV, Boat, RV, Solar Panels, Green

Soft Bristles and Easy Handling
This car wash brush is a must-have for anyone who wants a gentle, yet effective, way to clean their vehicle. The soft bristles ensure that there's no risk of scratching the surface, making it perfect for even the most delicate paint jobs. The design allows for easy handling, and the multiple angles of the brush head make it a breeze to reach tough corners and crevices. It's like having the perfect tool to pamper your car while giving it a thorough wash. Plus, the water flow is excellent when connected to a water feeding extension pole, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning process. However, it would be great if it came with a flow-through handle for added convenience.

  1. 【Car Wash Brush with Long Handle】- POOPLE car wash brush can be used in countless ways for a huge ROI on your purchase. Popular uses for include cleaning/washing Cars, Boats, Driveways, Decks, Floors, Patios, RVs, Trucks, Solar Panels, House Siding more! (Extends to 5 FT, Reach Up to 10-12 ft when standing)
  2. 【5-Sided Angled Bristle Design】- Enables efficient and effective access to corners and reach into the deeper contours of uneven surfaces and joints making a perfect all-around truck wash brush.
  3. 【Multi-Use Extension Pole】- Detachable design. The 72" long aluminum alloy rod design is not only lightweight, but also avoids stretching, bending or twisting. The POOPLE’s universal threaded tip makes it compatible with a wide variety of attachments to accomplish all your hard-to-reach tasks; use with POOPLE attachments.
  4. 【Car Wash Dip Brush Connectivity】- POOPLE rv exterior washing brush comes with an adapter with water switch on / off which can be attached to a garden hose in 2 methods, one is with the end of the adapter and the other is without the end of the adapter. Please make sure the connection part has a gasket to avoid leaking.
  5. 【100% Customer Service Satisfied】- Contact seller directly if any issues, POOPLE Service Team will respond you within 24 hours during working days. amazon returns guarantee: You will enjoy professional service center, 30-day full amount refunding, quality warranty and technical support. Excellent customer service brings you no worries after purchase.

This brush is so soft, it's like giving your car a spa day without the hefty bill! Who knew washing your car could be this luxurious?


6PCS Car Wheel Cleaning Pro Kit, Tire Brush, Soft-bristled Rims Brush, Microfiber Bendable Brush, Double-Ended Detailing Brush, and Detailing Pads, Scratch-Free & Multipurpose

Effortlessly Clean Every Nook and Cranny
This 6PCS Car Wheel Cleaning Pro Kit is a must-have for anyone who takes pride in keeping their wheels and tires looking sharp. The assortment of brushes and sponges allows you to reach every nook and cranny necessary for a thorough clean. The soft-bristled rims brush and microfiber bendable brush are gentle yet effective, ensuring your wheels receive a scratch-free cleaning. The detailing pads work wonders on tires, and the double-ended detailing brush is versatile and handy. The only hiccup was with the bendable brush, which didn't trap dirt as effectively as the other tools. However, this minor issue doesn't detract from the overall effectiveness of the kit.

  1. [Pro Results at Home] The extraordinary cleaning effect of these brushes ensures a thorough removal of dirt, grime, and brake dust, restoring your wheels to original glory. Elevate your car care routine today!
  2. [Gentle & Effective Cleainng] Metal-free brushes are extra soft, ensuring safety on all wheel types. Also reduces scratching risks, while holding ample foamy suds
  3. [Flexible & Ergonomic Design] The synthetic brush can bend up to 360 degrees, for quick and easy access into hard-reach area. Comfortable hand grip ensures the brushes remain secure during use
  4. [SpecificTool with Easy Maintance] 5 knids of brushes included in the kit meeting different cleaning surfaces, rinse and air dry easily
  5. [Trusted Support & Warranty] FantastiCLEAN provides a ONE-YEAR guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Any problem please feel free to contact us

Cleaning your wheels has never been so satisfying, it's almost as satisfying as seeing a perfectly parallel parking job.
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