Car Window Cleaner


Rain-X 5071268-6PK 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent - 23 oz. (Pack of 6) 23 oz - 6 Pack Pack of 6

Say goodbye to blurry vision in the rain!
Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent truly lives up to its name! This product delivers exceptional performance in both cleaning and rain repellency. The glass cleaner applies water beading technology, significantly improving driving visibility during wet weather. I appreciate the ease of use, and the fact that it comes in a pack of 6 is a fantastic value. The rain repellent feature works wonders, making rainy drives much safer and more enjoyable. The streak-free cleaning performance leaves my automotive glass crystal clear, and the added benefit of preventing snow, ice, and road spray build-up is truly remarkable. My only minor gripe is that it takes a few tries to get the application just right, but the results are well worth it. Overall, Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent is an indispensable product for anyone looking to keep their windshield clear and their driving experience top-notch!

  1. Fast and easy to use-just spray on and wipe away with no buffing required
  2. Cleans automotive glass streak-free
  3. Repels rain by causing water to bead up and roll away
  4. Pack of six 23oz. bottles

Using this product is like giving your car a superhero cape for rainy days!


Autoglym Fast Glass, 500ml - Car Window Cleaner for Windscreen, Windshield, Window Cleaning, Mirrors and More 500ml.

Unbelievable streak-free shine for all your glass surfaces
Autoglym Fast Glass is a top-notch glass cleaner that lives up to its reputation. This highly effective cleaner effortlessly cuts through dirt, leaving glass surfaces crystal clear with no streaks or residues. It's perfect for both interior and exterior use, making it extremely versatile. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn dirt, road grime, insect remains, and more - Fast Glass tackles them all with ease. The best part? It's not just for your car; it's also fantastic for cleaning glossy screens, like those on HDTVs, without leaving behind any marks or streaks. The effortless application and remarkable results make this product a standout in its category. Its ability to tackle tough grime while leaving a flawless, streak-free shine is truly remarkable.

  1. Fast Glass is a highly effective car glass cleaner spray, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish
  2. Car glass cleaning spray perfect for use inside and out including screens used in car video and navigation equipment
  3. Cuts through dirt easily removing road grime, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings
  4. Fast Glass can be used to clean Lexan, all glass & glass substitutes, mirrors, plastics, paintwork and screens used in car video and navigation equipment
  5. Spray a light coating onto the glass and spread with a microfibre cloth. Buff to a crystal clear finish, turning the cloth regularly.

This glass cleaner is so good, it even makes HDTV screens look picture perfect - just don't blame it if you spend more time admiring them than you do watching TV!


Griot's Garage 11108 Window Cleaner 35oz

Ammonia-free, streak-free, and safe for tinted windows!
This Griot's Garage window cleaner is a breath of fresh air in a market cluttered with ammonia-based, streak-inducing glass cleaners. The ammonia-free formula ensures that it's safe for tinted windows and leaves a crystal-clear, streak-free finish. Plus, the quick-evaporating, alcohol-based solution makes cleaning windows and surfaces a breeze. It's not just for cars; it's also great for household windows and mirrors, making it a versatile and reliable choice for all your glass-cleaning needs. On the downside, some users have noted a change in the scent in newer batches, which has been a bit off-putting. Additionally, while it's a top-quality cleaner, the price point may be a bit on the higher side for a simple glass cleaner. However, the gallon size offers better value for money, making it a more economical choice for frequent users.

  1. Clean and pristine windows are a part of any car detailing therapy session and Window Cleaner makes the most out of your quality time.
  2. Spray your way to perfectly clean, streak-free windows and glass
  3. Clean windows "defrost" much quicker
  4. Contains no ammonia so it is safe to use on tinted windows

I've seen clearer skies through my windows than I have in real life after using this cleaner!


CARPRO Clarify Streak Free Car Window Cleaner Removes Oils, Fingerprints & Dirt - Safe to Use on Interior and Exterior Glass, Liter (34oz) 34 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Crystal Clear Results: CARPRO Clarify Delivers on its Promise!
CARPRO Clarify Streak Free Car Window Cleaner has truly impressed me with its exceptional performance. As a car owner who values pristine windows, I've tried various cleaners in the past, but none have delivered the level of clarity and streak-free finish that CARPRO Clarify does. This product effortlessly removes oils, fingerprints, and dirt from both the interior and exterior glass, leaving my windows sparkling and crystal clear. The fact that it lives up to its promise is a rarity in the world of cleaning products, and it has earned a permanent place in my car cleaning arsenal. The ease of use, coupled with its remarkable effectiveness, makes CARPRO Clarify an essential for anyone seeking spotless, streak-free windows for their vehicle.

  1. EASY TO USE: CARPRO Clarify is formulated to provide streak free glass with less effort. Not only does Clarify wipe off with ease but it won't damage your ceramic coating or windshield sealant!
  2. POWERFUL CLEANING EFFECTS: Its superb formulation cuts through traffic film, oils, fingerprints and contamination leaving perfect clarity every time.
  3. SAFE FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR GLASS: CARPRO Clarify cuts through dirt, oil and contaminants without harming your vehicle's interior or exterior.
  4. SMELLS GREAT: Enjoy using this product with its pleasant smell that won't irritate your nose!
  5. DATE STICKER: CARPRO products come with only a PRODUCTION DATE ("Pr" or "PD") written in Day/Month/Yr format (ex. 01/10/2021 is October 01, 2021)
  6. WARNING: This product is not for sale or use in the State of California. If you use or sell this product in the state of California you accept full responsibility per California law.

Using CARPRO Clarify is like giving your car windows a magical makeover – the kind that makes fairy godmothers jealous!


Griot's Garage 10998 Ultra-Premium Glass Cleaner 19oz

Crystal clear glass with minimal effort
When it comes to cleaning glass, Griot's Garage 10998 Ultra-Premium Glass Cleaner is a standout performer. The foaming action allows the cleaner to cling to the glass, giving it more time to break down dirt and grime. The result is crystal-clear, streak-free glass with minimal effort. Unlike some other cleaners, this one doesn't leave behind any haze or streaks, providing a clear and pristine finish. The citrus scent adds a refreshing touch to the cleaning process, making it a more pleasant experience. On the downside, there have been some reports of defective cans not producing foam when sprayed, leading to disappointment for the users. However, these instances seem to be rare and isolated. Overall, this glass cleaner is a reliable option for achieving spotless glass with ease.

  1. Foams on contact so cleaner stays on surface longer
  2. Cuts through dirt, oil, grease, grime and other residue
  3. Contains no ammonia and no CFCs
  4. Pleasant citrus scent
  5. 19 ounces

Using this glass cleaner is like giving your glass a spa day - it comes out looking cleaner and feeling refreshed!


MEGUIAR'S G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - 24 oz. 4 Pack 24 Fl Oz (Pack of 4)

Crystal clear cleanliness with every spray!
MEGUIAR'S G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is a true powerhouse when it comes to achieving immaculate cleanliness. This glass cleaner works wonders not only on car windows but also on household mirrors and exterior windows. The streak-free formula ensures that every surface it touches is left sparkling and crystal clear. It's a versatile product that provides great clarity and leaves a pleasant scent lingering in the air. However, it may not be the best choice for cleaning interior car windows, as some users have reported difficulties with streaking on these surfaces. Despite this slight drawback, the overall performance of this glass cleaner is impressive, making it a go-to choice for achieving pristine glass surfaces.

    Using this glass cleaner is like giving your windows a spa day – they come out looking refreshed and rejuvenated!


    Invisible Glass Cleaner and Window Spray, Streak Free Shine for Auto, Film Free Glass Cleaner Safe for Windshield, Tinted and Non Tinted Windows-3 Pack, and 4 UBEN Microfiber 12x12 Cleaning Cloths

    Spotless glass every time!
    Let me tell you, I was blown away by the performance of this glass cleaner. The Invisible Glass Cleaner and Window Spray is an absolute superstar when it comes to keeping your windows and mirrors spotless. It's not just the streak-free shine that impressed me, but also how it effortlessly removes fingerprints, smudges, and even smoke haze. The clear dry formula is a real game-changer, leaving no hard-to-remove residues behind. Whether it's for your auto, home, or other glass surfaces, this cleaner is top-notch. It's a breeze to use and leaves a crystal-clear finish every time.

    1. INVISIBLE GLASS 22 OZ SPRAY BOTTLES – 3 PACK – Invisible Glass was formulated to dissolve and remove the unique film that builds up on the interior windshield from plasticizer film, smoke haze, and other environmental debris.
    2. RESIDUE FREE FORMULA – On exterior glass, Invisible Glass quickly breaks down bug splats, bird droppings, salt spray, and road grime.
    3. NO STREAKY RESIDUE – Ammonia Free. Clean glass in the shade or on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight and heat can cause glass cleaner to evaporate too quickly. For best results use a clean microfiber cloth. Paper towels can contain residues that leave streaks on glass.
    4. YOU'LL THINK IT'S INVISIBLE – Cleans glass so well! Invisible clarity for windshields, windows, and mirrors. Specifically formulated for glass surfaces.
    5. SAFE FOR USE ON WINDOW TINT – Plus Invisible Glass is ammonia free and safe to use on tinted windows. You’re left with a professionally clean windshield, windows, and mirrors.

    I used to think I was seeing life through rose-tinted glasses, but after using this cleaner, it turns out my glasses were just really dirty!


    Simoniz S38 VisionClear Glass Cleaner - 19 oz.

    Crystal Clear Results Every Time!
    The Simoniz S38 VisionClear Glass Cleaner is a shining star in the world of glass cleaners. It effortlessly wipes away grime and leaves your windows sparkling clean without any streaks or spots. Even tough, stubborn films and hazes don't stand a chance against this powerful cleaner. It's not just for cars, it's perfect for household windows, mirrors, and even glass stove tops! The foaming action makes it easy to apply and remove, and the results speak for themselves. The price may be a bit steep, but the effectiveness and ease of use make it worth every penny. If you're tired of subpar glass cleaners, Simoniz S38 VisionClear is the answer to all your window-cleaning woes.

    1. Multi-purpose, streak free formula
    2. Ammonia free
    3. Better vision for safe driving
    4. Suitable for use on all types of glass
    5. No dripping, running, or streaking

    Using this glass cleaner is like giving your windows a spa treatment - they come out looking fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world.


    P & S PROFESSIONAL DETAIL PRODUCTS True Vue RTU Glass Cleaner, Water-Based Formula, Quickly Remove Road Film, Smoke, and Dirt from Windshields and Other Automotive Glass Surfaces (1 Pint)

    Crystal clear results every time
    P & S PROFESSIONAL DETAIL PRODUCTS True Vue RTU Glass Cleaner is a top-notch glass cleaner that delivers crystal clear results every time. It's a water-based formula that effortlessly removes road film, smoke, and dirt from windshields and other automotive glass surfaces. The best part is that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective solution for keeping your vehicle's glass surfaces spotless. The quick evaporation ensures streak-free cleaning, and it works well in colder weather, just as advertised. With its versatile nature, it's not just limited to glass but also works wonders on vinyl and plastics, leaving behind a pleasant scent. The only downside I found was that the packaging can be prone to damage during shipping, so keep an eye out for that. Overall, this glass cleaner is a must-have for anyone who values a clear view through their windshield.

    1. ☑️ Diluted 4:1
    2. ☑️ Perfect for both hot and cold weather applications
    3. ☑️ From the P&S ChemTrol lineup

    Using this glass cleaner is like giving your car windows a spa day - they come out looking crystal clear and refreshed!


    Dow GC-800 Glass Cleaner

    Shine On Without a Hitch
    Dow GC-800 Glass Cleaner lives up to its name by delivering a spotless shine on glass surfaces without a hitch. Its exceptional performance is matched only by its versatility, as it effortlessly handles auto glass, windows, and even black appliances. The ease of use becomes evident with each spray, wipe, and buff, leaving no spots or streaks behind. Its ability to make water bead on windshields not only aids the wipers but also showcases its long-lasting effect. Whether preparing surfaces for adhesives or simply cleaning windows, this cleaner leaves users delighted every time.

      Using this glass cleaner is like giving your reflection a standing ovation.
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