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2-Pack LED Garage Lights, Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 9000 Lumens, 82W CRI 80 Led Shop Lights for Garage, Adjustable Garage Lights, Led Garage Lighting (No Motion Activated)

Illuminate Your Space with Ease
The 2-Pack LED Garage Lights is an absolute game changer for any dimly lit space. Whether it's your garage, workshop, attic, or any other area in need of bright, reliable lighting, these deformable LED lights deliver exceptional performance. With an impressive 9000 lumens output and a color temperature of 5000K, these lights provide a clear, bright light that enhances visibility and productivity. The adjustable design allows you to customize the angle of the LED heads, ensuring that every corner of your space is well-lit without any dead spots. Additionally, these lights are incredibly easy to install, requiring no tools or professional electricians. Simply screw them into a standard E26/E27 light socket, and you're good to go. With a durable construction and an average life of 50000 hours, these LED garage lights are a long-term lighting solution that won't disappoint.

    Installing these lights is easier than telling a badger to stop digging!


    LED Garage Light, 120W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 18000 Lumens Led Shop Lights for Garage, Garage Lights with 3 Adjustable Panels. 120.0 Watts

    Brighten up your space with ease!
    This LED garage light is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to brightness. With 18000 lumens and 120W, it's like bringing daylight into your garage or workspace. The 3 adjustable panels allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it, making it versatile for different setups. The easy installation and energy efficiency are huge perks, and the sturdy design ensures long-lasting use. However, it's important to be mindful of not over-tightening the bulb during installation, as some users have experienced issues. Overall, if you're looking to illuminate a large area with ease, this LED garage light is a top contender.

    1. 【Deformable Design,New Upgrade】 With 3 adjustable aluminum LED panels, each LED panel of the garage light can be adjusted from 0°to 120°according to your needs, and you can DIY at different angles,New upgraded bottom can shine ,the coverage of light can reach 360°,really shine without dead ends.
    2. 【High-brightness & 88% Energy Saving】It features LED technology ,top quality diodes that produce 150 lumens per watt,total 18000 lumens ,CRI80+,high light efficiency, low power, maximum energy savings, and reduced billing.High-brightness and energy-saving LED bulbs not only provide enough brightness but also reduce power consumption. The white light of 6000K color temperature offers you the best lighting experience.
    3. 【Long Life 】Use LED light source, stable constant current drive,The newly developed heat dissipation structure,premium aluminum alloy heat dissipated, high-temperature resistant, along with the hollow-out structure greatly improved cooling efficiency for maximum performance and over 50,000 hours of constant runtime.,maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
    4. 【 Easy To Install】Garage light fixture is easy to Install, no tools required, no wiring, just screw it into a normal lamp receptacle. NO harmful substances such as mercury and lead, no radiation, environmentally-friendly,safe .Note that it works great in a standard light socket(E26/E27).
    5. 【Fast After-sale Service】After you ordered our LED garage lights,If you have any questions about the product,please just feel free to let us know, we will answer your questions from a professional perspective.

    Why did the photon check into the garage? It was looking for a light bulb moment!


    HYPERLITE UFO Led High Bay Light 150W 21,000lm 5000K 1-10V Dimmable High Bay Led Lights UL Listed US Hook 5' Cable Led High Bay Lights Alternative to 650W MH/HPS for Gym Factory Warehouse 150W 1P-PREM

    A Bright Solution for Industrial Lighting
    The HYPERLITE UFO Led High Bay Light is an outstanding solution for industrial and warehouse lighting needs. With its impressive 21,000 lumens and 5000K natural color, this light provides exceptional brightness and clarity, making it a perfect choice for large spaces with high ceilings. The easy installation and high-quality build make it a reliable and convenient option for upgrading your lighting system. Customers have reported significant energy savings and a remarkable difference in the overall brightness of their workspaces after installing these lights. The dimmable feature adds even more flexibility to cater to specific lighting preferences and needs in various environments. While some users noted a need for a cover to soften the light, the overall performance and durability of this high bay light make it a standout choice for industrial settings.

    1. Unbeatable Illumination – The 150W high quality and powerful high bay light provides industry-leading lighting! It features commercial grade, 21000 lumens and a brightness of up to 140 lumens per watt, making this light the best choice for wide and clear illumination! And the high bay light is compatible with reflector(extra purchase) provides 20% more brightness.
    2. Fast Installation - 3 minutes easy installation, saving you the hassle and frustration of hard installations. The package comes with a free American hook, 5 foot power cord, and Safety Rope to make installing this light even easier! It also features a 110V standard American plug for direct power supply. This will save you time and energy working on other projects!
    3. Solid & Durable – This stunning UL certified lamp is IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof. The durable housing makes it the toughest and most versatile light fixture on the market. Pure aluminum cold-forged design provides excellent thermal transfer, extending component life and preventing damage. It’s operation temperature is -104 to 122 °F.
    4. Beautiful & Unique Design – The lightweight, low profile and round/UFO-shape design makes this high bay light the most unique and beautiful product on the market. In addition to all of the beautiful features of these lights, it’s also dimmable!
    5. 5 Years Warranty – Hyperlite offers it’s customers an unbelievable 5-year warranty! We guarantee that you will love this light and it will work 100% effectively. If there are any fault issues, please let Hyperlite know and we will replace it within 30 days!

    I've never seen a light make such a bright impression. It's like the sun decided to take up residence in your warehouse!


    HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light 150W 2 Packs 21000LM with US Plug, UFO LED High Bay Light for Warehouse Workshop Factory Gym Garage Barn 2024 New ETL Listed 150W-2Packs

    Bright and Versatile Lighting Solution
    The HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light 150W 2 Packs 21000LM with US Plug is a fantastic lighting solution for a variety of spaces. Whether it's a warehouse, workshop, factory, gym, garage, or barn, this high bay light delivers exceptional brightness and coverage. The easy installation process makes it a convenient choice, and the fact that it can be installed with a Jbox or an outlet adds to its versatility. The light output is impressive, providing ample illumination for large areas. However, the brightness can be a bit intense at times, so a diffuser may be necessary for some users. Despite this minor consideration, the overall performance of the light is top-notch, making it a highly recommended option for anyone in need of powerful and efficient lighting.

    1. 2024 UPDATED TECHNOLOGY - Now all HYPERLITE teams are happy to provide this new LED high bay light to all of our professional customers. New driver, PCB and LED chips with all the strict tests passed. Choose high bay, HYPERLITE is more than OK.
    2. STABLE LUMENS - 150W with 21,000 lumens. This LED high bay light 150W can always be here to deliver stable bright white 5000K light for indoor lighting.
    3. DURABLE HOUSING - With innovative low profile,one-piece housing, this UFO high bay supports superior thermal management. The environmentally friendly electrophoretic paint are formulated for high durability and long-lasting color.
    4. FAST INSTALLATION - The contractor-friendly design includes standard US plug for extremely easy installation. Ideal indoor lighting for warehouse, workshop, gym, barn, garage, factory etc.
    5. HYPERLITE HAS YOUR BACK - We will deliver a new light to you if any defects in 1 year and quick solution for 3 years.

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    LED High Bay Light 150W 2PCS, 22500 LM with US Plug 5ft Cable (150LM/W), 5000K Daylight, Waterproof, UFO Commercial Industrial Warehouse Workshop Factory Barn Garage Area Lighting Fixture 150W 2PCS - Non Dim

    Bright and efficient lighting solution
    The LED High Bay Light 150W 2PCS is a fantastic lighting solution for any industrial or commercial space. The 22500 LM output provides an incredibly bright and well-distributed light, making it perfect for warehouses, workshops, garages, and barns. The 5000K daylight color temperature ensures a natural and clear light, creating a comfortable and productive environment. The waterproof and durable design guarantees long-term use, even in challenging conditions. The included US plug with a 5ft cable makes installation a breeze, and the non-dimming feature ensures consistent and reliable performance. One of the best features is the versatile mounting bracket, allowing for easy placement and adjustment to minimize glare. Overall, these lights are a game-changer, providing exceptional illumination and energy efficiency without compromise.

    1. 【Super Bright】Our LED high bay light 150 watt features 21,000 output lumens, which provide super bright light equivalent to 600W MH/HPS and save your electric charge up to 80%. It uses 140PCS high quality SMD3030 LED chips to give you the best illumination experience.
    2. 【Durable & Long Service Time】This UFO LED high bay light adopted high quality non-flickering driver ensure it over 50,000hours lifespan. It comes with an die-casting aluminum shell which features great thermal conductivity, these make the light durable and excellent heat dissipation. This LED highbay light can work under power supply of AC100-277V. Whole light is ETL Listed.
    3. 【Proper Color Temperature】The color temperature of this high bay LED shop light is 5000K-The color temperature closest to natural light and friendly to human eyes compared with 6000K which looks cold and blue while 4000K which looks warm and yellow. It features 120° big beam angle to provide you with enough light for large areas.
    4. 【Easy & Quick Installation】This LED retrofit can be easily installed in seconds with the 5FT power cord provided and the built-in hook. It comes with UL certified US plug with which you can plug to the power directly, safe and secure. The super long 5FT power cable also saves trouble on extending cables for too short ones.
    5. 【Wide Application】This IP65 waterproof highbay / lowbay ceiling lights is suitable for both dry and wet environments. It is a great illumination fixture for garages, workshops, barn, gymnasiums, factories, exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, storage yards, basements and any other large commercial and industrial places.

    I asked the lights for a bright idea, and boy did they deliver! It's like having your own personal sun, minus the heat and harmful UV rays.


    LED High Bay Light Super Bright Dimmable AC100-277V 150W 22500LM 5000K DLC/ETL Listed Lights 6ft with US Plug High Bay LED Light Warehouse Workshop (4 Pack) 150W-4PACK

    Illuminate Your Space with Unmatched Brightness
    If you're in the market for lighting that rivals the brightness of a thousand suns, look no further. This high bay LED light is like a portable patch of sunlight, capable of lighting up your space like nobody's business. With a powerful 150W output and 22500 lumens at 5000K, the brightness is out of this world. Whether you're outfitting a warehouse, workshop, or garage, this light has got you covered. The quality of light is top-notch, casting a smooth white glow that doesn't distort colors or make everything look like it's been washed in blue. The option to dim the light ensures you can adjust the illumination to suit your needs, avoiding the potential issue of it being too bright for certain spaces. It's like having a personal sun tailored to your brightness preferences. Just keep in mind that the strength of this light might require some adjusting, especially for spaces with lower ceilings. Also, be mindful of where you're aiming the light to avoid excessive glare. In short, if you're in need of some serious illumination, this light will not disappoint.

    1. 🔆Super Bright & Energy Saving - ufo led high bay light provides 22500 Lumen output, It's brightness equivalent to 600W MH/HPS, and the 0-10V dimmable high bay led lights can instantly reduce electricity bills by 85%.(Note: Dimmer switch not included.)
    2. 🏆Easy & Safety Installation - high bay led light is easily installed to the ceiling, the high bay lights come with a strong steel hook, 6ft power cord with us 3-prong plug for Plug and Play, you can also cut the electrical plug off and hardwire cord to existing wiring! And a safety rope to make installing the high bay light more secure. You can easily install the high bay led lights in 1 minutes.
    3. 🔥Durable & Solid & Widely Application - led high bay light with IP65 waterproof, suitable for both dry and damp environments. And die cast aluminum alloy body provides maximum heat dissipation and high quality confidence. The super bright high bay ideal for warehouse, workshop, factory, garage, barn, basement, gym, stadium, industrial and commercial places.
    4. 💯Reliable 5 Year Warranty - high bay led shop lights provide amazing ETL certified 5-year warranty! Covered by replacing or return for a full refund within 30 days.And we promise that if there are any problems with your product within five years, you can contact us promptly and we can send you a new one for free. If you have any questions about lamp selection, dialux lighting layout, After-Sales, etc, just leave us a message, we will provide after-sales service and constant technical support.
    5. 💼Outstanding and beautiful unique design-This led high bay light is constantly innovating, the latest heat dissipation design greatly reduces the weight of the led high bay light, reducing the total weight of the 150W led high bay light to under 5.5 pounds.

    If you ever need to simulate a tropical paradise in your garage, this light might just make you feel like you're basking under an artificial sun. Just don't forget the sunscreen!


    GOSLARLIT LED Garage Light Hexagon, 24 Pack Shop Detailing Lights, 144W 15950LM 6500K Daylight White, Linkable Plug-in Ceiling Light for Garage Workshop Basement Gym Warehouse 95x66inch 144.0 Watt Hours

    Brilliantly Bright Lights for Any Space
    The GOSLARLIT LED Garage Light Hexagon is a fantastic addition to any garage, workshop, gym, or warehouse. The setup is relatively straightforward, and the lights are incredibly bright, making it easy to spot dirt, scratches, and imperfections. The ability to link the lights together allows for customizable configurations, and the overall effect is impressive. It's like having the sun itself shining down on your workspace. The daylight white illumination is not harsh on the eyes, making it perfect for prolonged use. However, the electrical wiring could be longer for more flexible placement, and the provided screws for installation may not be the sturdiest, requiring some additional hardware for secure mounting.

    1. Super Bright Hexa-grid Lighting -These LED shop lights deliver a whopping 15950 lumens light output and a color temperature of 6500 Kelvins that translates into a bright, natural-looking white light – the perfect color for shop/garage/basement lighting
    2. Cool & Free Combination - Through the 120° Y connector and 120° 2-way connector, 24 tube lights can be freely combined to create a perfect cool light shape.Each coonector is a 3-pin design,which means faster installation and safe energization.
    3. DURABLE & Comfortable Car Detail Light- No flicker, no glare, and a lifespan of 60,000 hours plus.You will be enjoying these led lights for many a night to come
    4. Energy Saving - 24 pack garage lights consume 144w,our workshop lights save up to 70% compared with traditional lighting bulb
    5. Easy Installation - Mount these LED garage lights on any wall using screws, or hang from the ceiling of your room of choice.All of this and more are backed by the 2 years’ warranty
    6. Attention - The standard power cord supplied with the goods can be directly plugged into the connector. Customers need to prepare wires and American plugs to connect to the power cord according to the actual length of the site.

    These lights are so bright, they can even make a mole squint!


    150W UFO LED High Bay Light 4 Pack, High Bay LED Light 22,500LM 0-10V Dimmable High Bay LED Shop Light, 5' Cable with US Plug, Hanging Hook, Safe Rope, ETL Listed for Shop Warehouse Barn 150W 4Pack

    Illuminate your space with unmatched brightness
    These high bay LED lights are an absolute standout when it comes to illuminating large spaces. With impressive brightness and exceptional build quality, they have transformed my workspace. The commercial-grade construction and 5-year warranty provide peace of mind, and the thoughtful design features, like the adjustable wattage settings and the option for a reflector cover, make these lights incredibly versatile. The setup was straightforward, and the dimmable feature offers smooth and flicker-free adjustment. The only downside is the possible wear and tear from sharp objects, but that's a minor concern considering the overall performance. If you're looking to brighten up a large area with top-notch illumination, these lights are an excellent choice.

    1. 【INCREADIBLE BRIGHTNESS LIKE THE SUN】- The 150W led high bay light features 22,500 output lumens eyes friendly white lights with no glaring or strobe. 3 wattages selectable(150W&100W&90), which can be adjusted according to the use environment. It is dimmable at 0-10V, any suitable brightness for your choice, offer awesome lighting experience and protect eyes. (Note: Dimmer switch not included.)
    2. 【ULTRA SOLID BUIL & LONG WORKING TIME】- Adopt professional ADC12 and heavy die-cast aluminum housing, these high bay led lights will ensure better heat-dissipation and IK08 protection level. It can be used up to 50000 hours, equivalent to around 34 years if high permormance work for 4 hours per day. Great value for your money!
    3. 【SUPER WATERPROOF & EYE FRIENDLY 5000K】- Our ufo led high bay light is well designed stylish and unique, featuring IP65 certified water resistant and dustproof, suitable for damp places or other harsh environments. The color temperature of the high bay light is 5000K, and the CRI is over 70, universally known as closest to daylight. Bring you unbeatable lighting experience, you can purchase with confidence.
    4. 【HASSLE-FREE INASTALLATION & VERSATILE APPLICATION】- The high bay led lights can be effortlessly installed in 3 minutes. Comes with 5FT power cord, plug and play standard American 3-prong plug, safety rope to fix, and portable hook. It can be put in any place need high bay lighting, like barn lights, garage lights, warehouse lights, shop lights, and gym lighting, etc.
    5. 【5 YEARS WARRANTY】- We support amazing ETL certified 5-year warranty, each lighting fixture has been tested to function 100% effectively. We persist in product quality and provide you excellent customer service within 24 hours from JC-LGL, and 60 months warranty for any quality issues. Really make your shopping worry-free.

    These lights are so bright, I think they might be trying to outshine the sun!


    Lightdot 240W LED High Bay Light 36000lm (Eqv.1000W MH/HPS) UFO High Bay Shop Light ETL Listed High Bay Lighting AC100-277V Energy Saving 7300KW*8/5Yrs(5Hrs/Day) -10Pack 𝟓𝐘𝐫𝐬 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲 240W 12 Pack

    Blinded by the Brightness!
    The Lightdot 240W LED High Bay Lights are like staring into the sun (but in a good way)! These UFO-shaped high bay lights are an absolute powerhouse, throwing out an incredible amount of light that will brighten up even the largest of spaces. Whether you're using them in a garage, shop, or warehouse, you'll be amazed by the illumination they provide. The easy installation and durability make them a solid choice for anyone in need of reliable and super bright lighting. One slight drawback is the shorter cord length, which can be a bit inconvenient during installation. However, this minor issue is overshadowed by the incredible performance of these lights. Just be prepared to wear sunglasses indoors, because these bad boys are seriously intense!

    1. 【Super Bright&85% Energy Saving】240W LED high bay shop light are use high brightness SMD3030 LED with total 36000lm, 1000W HIP fixture, energy saving up to 80% on your electricity bill. With high CRI>85. 5000K daylight provides clear and bright lighting effect.
    2. 【2023 Upgrade Design & More Durable】Commercial high bay LED light with 2023 upgrade lens narrow down the space in middle, making the lighting output more uniform and no yellow spot, help focus light without any light loss as well. Perfect bay lighting for warehouse, workshops, exhibition hall, logistics center etc.
    3. 【 ETL & Safety Installation】Lightdot ETL Listed UFO High Bay LED Light include US hook for easy hanging mount, comes with 3.3 foot cable and 3-pin plug direct to 100-277V AC power sourcing, as well as provided a safety wire for safety use, no more tools needed. Recommend installation height at 16~18ft.
    4. 【Light Decay <5%】 100% aluminum housing with fin design, which is perfect for heat dissaption in order to extand the lifetime up to and ensure high performance for more than 50,000-hour of continuous use.
    5. 【5 Year Warranty&Long Service Life】 24 hour full time after-sales service + 5 years unconditional warranty promise. It is stable and durable for maximum performance, over 50,000 hours lifespan. 100% environmentally-friendly, 100% safe and easy to install. Contact us if any issue.

    I tried staring at the Lightdot 240W LED High Bay Light for inspiration, and now I have a bright idea... to invest in some quality sunglasses!


    UFO LED High Bay Light 100W13000LM (370W HPS Eqv.), 5000K Daylight 0-10V Dimmable LED Shop Light with 6Ft Hard Wired Cable, IP65 Waterproof for Warehouse Garage Workshop ETL/DLC Listed(1 Pack) 1-pack 100W

    Illuminating the Darkness with Brilliance
    The UFO LED High Bay Light 100W is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to lighting up large spaces. With its 13000 lumens and 5000K daylight color temperature, this light is like a sun that you can control with a flick of a switch. The 0-10V dimmable feature adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs. The solid construction and IP65 waterproof rating make it suitable for various environments, from warehouses to workshops. It's evident that this light not only brightens up spaces but also brings a sense of security with its durable build and reliable performance.

    1. 【🌟Special Design】The Sokply 100W LED UFO high bay E series is inspired by diamonds and designed by our sophisticated R&D team to bring architectural aesthetics to the product. The fixture has the characteristics of high-efficiency, energy-saving and efficient heat-disspation.
    2. 【🌟0-10V Dimmable】Our LED high bay lights at 5000K daylight can provides 13,000 lumens, the light have a 0-10V seamless dimming function, you just need to connect a dimmer switch to choose any suitable brightness.
    3. 【🌟ETL/DLC Certified】The UFO High Bay Light has passed the professional organization ETL/DLC certification to ensure it over 50,000 hours lifespan. The IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, suitable for both dry and wet environments can be widely used in indoor or outdoor environments.
    4. 【🌟Easy Installation & 6FT Power Cord】You can choose three different installation methods according to your scene needs - Hook, Chain or Wall mounting. The super long 6FT power cable for making installing this light much easier and saves trouble on extending cables for too short ones. Save your installation time.
    5. 【🌟5 Year Warranty】Sokply provide a 5-year warranty for our UFO High Bay Light. If there’re any issues with our product, please contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

    Why was the UFO LED High Bay Light invited to all the parties? Because it really knows how to light up a room!
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