Handheld Chisels


Stanley 418331 FatMax Floor Chisel 3 x 11-inch with Guard Floor Chisel 3 x 11 Inch

A Heavy-Duty Chisel with Comfortable Hand Protection
The Stanley 418331 FatMax Floor Chisel 3 x 11-inch with Guard is a heavy-duty chisel that delivers on strength and durability. Crafted from chrome vanadium steel, this chisel is forged to withstand tough tasks, making it a reliable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The modified parabolic striking end enhances resistance to mushrooming and chipping, ensuring longevity despite heavy use. Additionally, the BI-material handguard not only provides comfortable support but also offers protection from overstrike, adding a safety element to your work. The blade's ability to hold its edge longer reduces the need for frequent sharpening, making it a convenient and efficient choice. Whether you’re lifting floorboards or channelling recesses in solid floors, this chisel is up to the task.

  1. Made out of chrome vanadium steel
  2. Suitable for cutting out patrices
  3. Modified parabolic striking end

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Czech Steel 4 piece set 6 mm (1/4"), 12 mm (1/2"), 20 mm (3/4") , 26 mm (1 1/16") Woodworking Chisels 863010

Top-notch chisels with exceptional steel quality
The Czech Steel 4 piece set Woodworking Chisels 863010 is a top-notch set of chisels that are crafted with exceptional steel quality. The blades are made from fine-grained, nicely tempered chrome-manganese steel, hardened to Rc 59, ensuring they take and hold an excellent edge. The slim cross-section blades are accurately ground and feature a 25-degree bevel, making them ideal for intricate woodworking tasks. The handles, made of lacquered European Beech, are not only comfortable but also designed to withstand vigorous mallet work. Although the chisels may require initial sharpening, their overall build quality and balance make them a worthy addition to any discerning woodworker's toolkit.

  1. Made by a small tool manufacturer in the Czech Republic
  2. Blades are made from fine-grained, nicely tempered chrome-manganese steel and hardened to Rc 59
  3. Contains the following sizes: 6 mm (1/4"), 12 mm (1/2"), 20 mm (13/16") and 26 mm (1 1/32")
  4. Bevel ground at a 25 degree bevel.
  5. Handles made from laquered European Beechwood

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Dewalt DWHT16063 4 Piece Wood Chisel Set

Top-notch quality for seamless woodwork
The Dewalt DWHT16063 4 Piece Wood Chisel Set is a must-have for anyone working with wood. From simple projects to intricate woodworking, these chisels make the job quick and simple. The cutting edge is properly sharpened, providing effortless wood cutting, almost like butter. The high-quality heavy weight tools are perfect for hanging doors or any woodwork project you can think of. Even if you're a beginner, these chisels will make you feel like a pro. The only downside is that it might be a bit pricey for some, but the investment is definitely worth it for the quality and ease it brings to your woodworking tasks.

  1. Hardened, tempered chrome carbon-steel blade for edge retention
  2. Blade lacquered for corrosion protection
  3. Hardened strike cap for durability
  4. Ergonomically designed bi-material handle for comfort and protection

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Buck Brothers 1201030 3-Piece Professional Wood Chisel Set, Woodwork Chisel, For Woodworkers Tool Set, For Wood Chisel Sets, Carpentry Tools

Sharp and Durable Chisels for Precision Woodworking
The Buck Brothers 1201030 3-Piece Professional Wood Chisel Set is a woodworking essential that delivers on both strength and quality. Made in the USA, these chisels are constructed with high-grade hardened and tempered tool steel to provide optimal strength, durability, and power. The shatter-resistant acetate handles are designed to withstand repeated mallet strikes and offer an extra layer of durability. With blade sizes of 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch, this versatile set is suited to work with most soft wood, hard wood, or manufactured wood products. Additionally, the steel end cap on each handle allows for deep cuts with the use of a mallet, making these chisels suitable for a wide range of woodworking tasks. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Buck Brothers chisel set is a reliable and long-lasting addition to any woodworking toolkit.

  1. 3 SIZES OF CHISELS: The 3-piece chisel set includes (1) 1/2 inch, (1) 3/4 inch, and a (1) 1 inch chisel; Woodworking chisel set is perfect for handling a wide variety of common carpentry jobs; Perfect addition to your carpenter tools set
  2. VERSATILE TOOL: Our wood carving tools are able to be used for many projects as they work with different types of wood; This wood working tool set is designed for all sorts of woodworking jobs with soft, hard, or manufactured wood products
  3. USE WITH BOTH HAND AND MALLET: To make cuts with this small wood chisel, you don’t even need a wooden mallet; If you need a deeper cut though, the steel caps on the handles will allow you to do that by striking the chisel with a wooden chisel mallet
  4. PRECISELY HONED AND SHARPENED: The steel chisel already arrives very sharp and can be easily sharpened if dulled by continued use; No matter how much you use these carpenter tools, you can count on them to keep working
  5. DURABLE: This chisel set is crafted from high-grade tempered tool steel for optimal strength, durability, and power; The handle features steel capped ends and is composed of shatter-resistant acetate to stand up to repeated mallet strikes

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IRWIN Marples Chisel Set with Wallet, 3-Piece (1768781) , Blue

Long-lasting, high-quality chisels
The IRWIN Marples Chisel Set is a woodworking enthusiast's dream come true. These chisels are built to last and can withstand heavy use without dulling or breaking. The steel runs through the handle, creating a sturdy striking surface, and the rubberized handles provide a non-slip grip for precision work. One of the most impressive features is the absence of a bevel edge, making them easy to sharpen and maintain. The chisels come in a well-organized case, complete with plastic edge protectors, ensuring they stay in top condition. They are longer than expected, providing excellent control and leverage for various woodworking tasks. If you're looking for durable, reliable chisels that offer precision and ease of use, this set is a fantastic choice.

  1. Large strike cap withstands repetitive hammer strikes
  2. Ergonomic handles with ProTouch Grips are durable enough to withstand jobsite abuse
  3. High quality hardened steel blade for superior performance and edge retention
  4. Tough design is perfect for high-impact construction applications
  5. Set includes 1/2", 3/4", and 1" chisels, and a folding carrying wallet

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Narex 6 pc Set 6 mm (1/4), 10 (3/8), 12 (1/2), 16 (5/8), 20 (13/16), 26 (1-1/16) Woodworking Chisels in Wooden Presentation Box 853053

Exceptional quality chisels for woodworking enthusiasts
Narex's woodworking chisels are a fantastic addition to any woodworker’s toolkit. The blades are expertly crafted from fine-grained, nicely tempered chrome-manganese steel, ensuring they take and hold an excellent edge. These chisels offer a great balance between sharpness and durability, making them ideal for a variety of woodworking tasks. The set comes in a beautifully designed wooden presentation box, adding a touch of elegance to the practicality of the product. However, it's worth noting that some users found the steel to be a bit soft, particularly when working with harder woods. But the ease of resharpening and the overall quality of craftsmanship make these chisels a worthwhile investment for woodworking enthusiasts.

  1. 6 piece set comes on a wooden presentation box
  2. Blades are made from fine-grained, nicely tempered chrome-manganese steel and hardened to Rc 59
  3. Contains the following sizes: 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 26 mm
  4. Bevel ground at a 25 degree bevel.
  5. Handles are made from stained European Beech

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Dewalt Pro Wood Chisel Set 3 Piece

Sharp, Sturdy, and Superb Quality
The DEWALT Pro Wood Chisel Set is a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast. These chisels are sharp, sturdy, and of superb quality. The metal end allows you to use them with any hammer without worrying about damaging the chisel. They effortlessly sliced through maple like butter when I used them to mortise hinges. The rubberized handles provide a secure grip and reduce vibrations, making them a pleasure to work with. The included plastic edge protectors are a thoughtful addition, keeping the chisel edges sharp and your hands safe when rummaging through your tool bag. While the chisels are well-built and durable, the only minor downside is the need for better protective tip covers.

  1. Thick metal strike cap with flat surface for effective strikes
  2. Durable construction with lacquered blade to help protect against corrosion
  3. Tempered, carbon-steel blade with long lasting edge
  4. Lightweight design with ergonomic handle

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ENERTWIST 13pcs Wood Chisel Set, Premium Woodworking Chisel Sets w/ 8 CRV Construction Wood Chisels, 1 Sharpening Stone, 1 Honing Guide, 2 Carpenter Pencils, 1 Sharpener for Wood Carving in Hard Case

Quality tools for woodworking enthusiasts
If you're just starting out in the world of woodworking, the ENERTWIST 13pcs Wood Chisel Set is an excellent choice. The chisels are constructed with CRV material, providing impressive durability and sharpness straight out of the box. This set is specifically designed for beginners, with thoughtful inclusions such as a honing guide and a sharpener, making it easy for novices to maintain the chisels' keen edge. The sharpness and reliability of these chisels make woodworking projects much more enjoyable, and the inclusion of a sturdy case adds to the overall convenience of the set. While there are minor drawbacks, such as the chisel covers and the case quality, the functionality and value offered by this set make it a solid investment for those just starting their woodworking journey.

  1. 【Full 8 Sizes Wood Chisel Kit】Enertwist wood chisel set kit contains: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" chisels, full length of carpenter chisels are perfect for carving, shoveling, or sharpening in soft, hard, or manufactured wood products. Great for professional users for various of woodworking projects, like sharpening the wood edge line, shoveling the wood surface, repairing wood furniture and carving hobby models or wood crafts.
  2. 【Durable CR-V Steel Blade & Bevel Edge】Premium drop forged blade increases the tool's hardness and comes with better cutting effect. Blades with bevel edge for woodworking carving multi-purpose use, suitable for all softwood, hardwood and laminated wood. Each chisel has its own protection cap to cover the sharp blades when you finish working.
  3. 【Robust Strike Cap & Ergonomic Rubber Handle 】Ergonomically designed handle offers comfortable wood working. Hardened steel end cap with anti-impact curve surface for safely tolerates blows from hammers. Strong metal strike cap protects your hand from overstrike, against glancing blows or missed hits, ensure an easy and precise cut.
  4. 【Honing Guide & Sharpening Stone】The sharpening stone with the honing guide will allow you to sharpen the tools at a 25 and 30 degree angle, so it can be used not just for wood chisels but also for plane irons. Black storage hard case can carry in anywhere and keep the wood chisel sets sturdy interior and convenient keeps tools in place.
  5. 【 What You Get】 Enertwist ET-WCS-13 Wood Chisel Set for Woodworking includes: (8) 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" wood chisels, (1) Sharpening Stone, (1) Honing Guide, (2) Carpenter Pencils, (1) Sharpener , (1) Warranty Card. Please feel free to contact us if you have any of the questions in future.

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Kirschen 1001010 Firmer Chisel with Hornbeam Handle 10mm No. 1001, Multi-Colour

Precision and Durability in Every Cut
The Kirschen 1001010 Firmer Chisel with Hornbeam Handle is a woodworking tool that delivers precision and durability in every cut. The 10mm chisel is designed with high-carbon tool steel, smooth-ground bevelled edges, and a flattened, lacquered hornbeam handle in an Ulmer design. The steel clamps ensure secure blade retention, making it a reliable tool for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. Once flattened, sharpened, and polished, this chisel cuts through wood effortlessly, showcasing its exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials. However, some users have reported minor discrepancies in the product received, such as sticky lacquer on the handle. Despite this, the performance and quality of the chisel make it a valuable addition to any woodworking toolkit.

  1. Strength: 10mm
  2. With bevelled edges
  3. With flat hornbeam handle

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Hultafors 390295 Heavy-Duty Chisel - Multi-Colour (Pack of 4)

A chisel set ready for extreme strength and precision
The Hultafors 390295 Heavy-Duty Chisel set is a woodworker's dream come true. The chisels are beautifully crafted, with a perfect ground blade bevelled at 25° for the ultimate balance between sharpness and durability. The santoprene handles provide a secure grip, allowing for precise and powerful movements. What's more, the entire chisel, including the handle, can be positioned flat against the surface, expanding the range of applications. Whether you're trimming timber or creating intricate wood joinery, these chisels are up for the task. The smart holster made from durable PP plastic adds to the convenience, allowing easy attachment to a belt or button. The chisels arrived coated in a protective film, which will need to be removed before use, a cool detail that keeps them in top condition until you're ready to put them to work.

  1. The Hultafors Set of 4 HDC Heavy-Duty Chisels, that have a perfect ground blade, bevelled at 25 deg; for the best ratio possible between sharpness and durability
  2. Product weight: 1.765kg
  3. Wood Chisels

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